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Refund Policy

If you receive milk that does not meet our quality standards, we are dedicated to offering a
refund for the affected delivery. To ensure a swift resolution, customers are required to
report any quality issues on the same day of delivery.In the unfortunate event of prolonged
service disruptions beyond our control, where we are unable to fulfill the subscription for
an extended period, customers may be eligible for a refund.

To initiate a refund request, customers should reach out to our customer support team
through our designated channels, including WhatsApp or phone. Refund requests will be
processed for the specific delivery or subscription period affected by the quality issue or
service disruption.Refunds will be issued through the original payment method used for
the subscription. Customers will receive prompt notifications regarding the status of their
refund request, including the approval or denial of the refund.

At Goudoodh, we prioritize customer satisfaction, and our commitment is to address any
quality concerns or service disruptions promptly and fairly.

Cancellation policy

Customers have the flexibility to cancel their milk subscription at any time, providing a
hassle-free experience. To initiate the cancellation process, customers can log in to your
account on a website or app. Alternatively, customers can contact our dedicated customer
support team to assist with the cancellation process.

Customers are required to submit any cancellation requests one day before the scheduled
delivery day by 7 PM. This ensures that the cancellation can be processed effectively before
the preparation and delivery process begins. Customers can conveniently update or cancel
their orders by accessing a website or app. Spot cancellations, or cancellations made on the
day of delivery, will not be applicable. This policy is in place to streamline our operational
processes and ensure the efficient handling of customer requests. It is essential to note that
cancellations made before the cutoff time will be processed in accordance with our
cancellation policy. It is recommended to review and understand the terms of our
cancellation policy for a clear understanding of the process and any associated conditions.
Your adherence to these guidelines ensures a smooth and efficient cancellation process.